Ocean v/s Air Shipments

What Ocean, Rail, Road & Air Shipments Are Doing To Logistics?

Logistics has the biggest role in sending goods, materials, and merchandise from one place to another. 

These services fill in cargo and send it through planes, ships, trains, and trucks.

How this shipment is expected to arrive depends on many factors. 

For which logistic services have to do a lot of planning. So let’s know what we use among Ocean, Rail, Road & Air shipments and when. 

When we want to choose the mode of transportation of a shipment, then we have to take care of these things: 

  • Urgency of Delivery
  • The value of the shipment to be sent
  • Safety of shipment
  • Costs involved in the shipment
  • Weight of Shipment
  • Delivery Distance

Now try to understand this, how if you make a plan without counting any of these reasons, then what can happen? 

  • You shipped a shipment by ocean and it could be late. 
  • You shipped anything fragile by air and it could break.
  • You shipped anything expensive by road and it could be stolen.

It’ll be like a never-ending loop. Your shipment will never arrive!

Ocean Shipments

The shipment of all the heavy and large cargoes by sea is called ocean freight. Only ocean freight fulfills 90% of the world’s trade. Ocean shipment process says you will have to send that shipment through Ocean Freight in the following cases:

  • If your goods weigh more than 100 kg
  • You have a lot of cargo

 Whenever we want to send your cargo by ocean then there are two main ways:

LCL freight

Less Than Container Load (LCL) operates as a shared cargo. In this, you will get a designated place to keep your belongings and the rest of the space for other people’s belongings. 

This is a good option for those who want to send less items and that too with no hurry. In this way, you will have to pay less fees instead of the full fee.

Who should choose LCL freight ocean shipments?

It is generally better than FCL freight, rail, road, and air shipments for lower-volume shipments. LCL shipments are faster and less prone to damage than air freight, and they have lower costs per unit than FCL shipments. 

However, LCL shipments can get pricey if you do not follow the best practices regarding the tipping point between LCL and FCL.

Differentiation Between LCL and FCL

FCL is usually a better option for urgent shipments with ocean shipment tracking, as the cargo takes less time to arrive. LCL freight implies more handling, consolidation, and potential for damage. 

FCL is a better option for large bulk orders and prevents items from getting lost.

FCL freight

With Full Container Load sea freight, you don’t need to share it with other shippers. Sea shipping for cargo loads large enough to fill a 20′ or 40′ shipping container. FCL container shipping solutions are offered by various logistics companies.

Who should choose FCL freight ocean shipments?

Companies that have large cargo loads that can fill a 20′ or 40′ shipping container should choose FCL ocean shipments over rail, road, and air shipments. 

FCL shipments occupy the entire space of a container, making it a more cost-effective option for larger shipments. 

However, if the shipment is smaller, LCL (Less than Container Load) may be a better option. 

Rail Shipments

When it comes to ocean shipments, it can be a bit expensive but it takes a little less time. Now the time taken in oversize rail shipment is more than that but the money is also less.

We use rail freight when the goods are very bulky and heavy and have to travel a long way. Its main use is to transport things like coal, fertilizers, chemicals, forest products, finished motor vehicles, and metals.

Rail shipment tracking is also available for FCL and LCL transports between Europe and China. The choice of transportation mode depends on the size of the shipment, transit time, and total transport cost.

Who should choose Rail Shipments?

Businesses that need to transport goods over long distances and in large quantities should consider rail transportation. 

However, for short distances and smaller volumes of cargo, road transportation may be more suitable 

Ultimately, the choice of transportation mode depends on the specific needs of the business and the characteristics of the cargo being transported.

Road Shipments

No matter which mode of transport you use, road shipments will still work for you. Because with the help of this, your goods are also transported from a warehouse to the final destination.

This may be the cheapest option, but it may only allow you to send shipments in smaller quantities.

There are also some places that we cannot reach with the help of oceans or rail. We can reach it with the help of road shipments.

Air Shipments

Nowadays, for the smallest transport that is done from abroad, it is for air cargo shipment only. Large e-commerce companies use air shipments to send their goods. 

By doing this they save most of your time and effort. To do this, first of all, your goods are sent to a warehouse, then by air shipment, your goods are sent to the nearest warehouse.


Before deciding which Ocean, rail, road & Air shipments you should choose. You have to decide what the item is when it needs to be delivered and many more important things. 

If you want to send your goods, then you can consider Lading Cargo. We also provide you with the option of multiple modes of transport to deliver your goods.

Through this, you can save your maximum time and can also make sure that you do not have to pay much money for this.

People Also Ask for

How do I track an air freight shipment?

If you want to check air shipment tracking then you first need an AWB number. Any logistic provider which you hire for air freight will provide you with this number once your luggage is reached by the airline’s courier. After receiving AWB you can simply open the airline’s website and search with your AWB number.

What is the procedure for sea shipment?

Ocean shipment process involves 7 steps: Export Haulage, Origin Handling, Export Customs Clearance, Ocean Freight, Import Custom Clearance, Destination Handling, and Import Haulage.

How do I track my rail parcel?

Just like any courier company, there are portals for rail shipment tracking. Although, you can contact or check the process from your Freight Forwarders. Freight Forwarders.

What is the road freight process?

The process for road shipments is quite simple. You can contact any logistics partner and they would hire a trucker according to your luggage size and deliver to your desired location.