_Workers at the Miami-area site were ousted by XPO workers

Workers at the Miami-area site were ousted by XPO workers.

The Teamsters reached a deal with the LTL carrier. Workers at the first XPO plant, where the union was registered, decided to leave.

A Teamsters local in Hialeah, Florida, had not arranged a contract with XPO, an LTL carrier, for over two years. The union claimed that XPO delayed discussions in areas where Teamsters had a majority of votes.

XPO Employees in Miami Vote to Remove Teamsters Union

An XPO spokeswoman informed a logistics news release site that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has notified them about the employees at their service center in Miami voting to remove the Teamsters union as their collective bargaining representative. 

The decertification election, held on June 21, was requested by local employees. They now join the vast majority of XPO team members who have chosen to remain independent.

XPO Workers in Hialeah Vote to Oust Teamsters Union After Two Years of Representation

Soon after the Teamsters chose to be represented by the union and signed the contract at the Hialeah plant two years ago, a deal was made with XPO. 

Back-to-back contract signings were praised by the labor movement as proof that their years-long efforts to unionize XPO (or at least some of it) were paying off. 

One of these two places has now kicked the Teamsters out.

On the petition to get rid of Teamsters Local 769 in Hialeah, Martin Garcia was named as the responder. The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation helped him when the Teamsters just barely won an election at XPO sites in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Albany, New York, at the end of 2021. Hialeah was able to make a deal, but the other three sites were not.

Garcia stated in a released statement by the foundation that Teamsters officials did not listen to them and failed to represent their interests in the workplace. 

The user and their coworkers made a decision to vote them out, and they are grateful for the legal aid provided by the National Right to Work Foundation to exercise their rights.

The local union was contacted by a Teamsters spokesperson for comment, but as of publishing, FreightWaves had not heard back from them. 

As at the time of writing, the election results were not posted on the NLRB petition website. According to the results of the decertification election, 70 employees participated.

Final Wording

Overall, the news that XPO workers have decertified the Teamsters union at their Miami-area facility has a positive impact on the logistics industry. 

This decertification allows workers to have more control over their working conditions and wages. This may lead to more flexibility and innovation in the workplace, as workers and the company can negotiate their own terms and conditions without third-party interference.