Peterbilt Trucks Recalled by Paccar Following 6 Under Hood Fires

Peterbilt Trucks Recalled by Paccar Following 6 Under Hood Fires

Paccar Inc. is forced to recall 4,914 Peterbilt Model 579 Class 8 trucks. All credit goes to six under-the-hood fires. A misplaced bolt can damage the insulation on alternator cables. No casualties have been reported.

Alternator cable defect causes fire risk in Paccar Model 579 trucks

Paccar MX-13-powered Model 579 trucks have a problem. The alternator’s positive cable chafes on the top rearward bolt of the left-side front spring bracket. The fastener’s head can stick out beyond the frame rail.

The cable is too close to the top rearward fastener on the left-hand front spring bracket, which could cause a fire.

All recalled vehicles may have the problem, but there is currently no warning.

Peterbilt recalls trucks after fire reports and offers free repair solution

Peterbilt received a report of an underhood fire on May 11. They started an investigation. Other fires led to warranty claim investigations. The Peterbilt Safety Committee agreed to the recall on June 6th.

Paccar dealers will replace the fastener in the frame and install it in the other direction within the frame rail to secure the alternator cable and allow for better routing. This will be done at no extra cost to the customer. The Denton, Texas factory implemented a running modification on July 29, 2022. The modification reversed the orientation of the front frame bracket fasteners.

Final Wording

In conclusion, battery wire rubbing against metal support brackets causes fires. 35,671 Peterbilt vehicles were recalled in the US and Canada. The news may affect the logistics industry. The extent of the impact will depend on legal, financial, and reputational consequences for Paccar and its customers. It will also depend on the market share and popularity of Peterbilt trucks.

Possible outcomes of this revelation include disruptions in delivery, higher costs, losses for logistics businesses and drivers, and diminished faith and confidence in Paccar and its goods. It may increase customer service. It may create new possibilities for cooperation and partnership across logistics players.  may result in higher quality and safer products. People and institutions may react differently to this news.

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