Teamsters Overwhelmingly Ratify UPS Contract

Teamsters Overwhelmingly Ratify UPS Contract

The UPS Inc. Teamsters voted overwhelmingly in favor of a five-year deal with the union, the Teamsters said on Tuesday.

The Teamsters say that 86.3% of voters agreed with the deal, making it the most popular deal in the long history of collective bargaining between the two groups. No one knows how many of UPS’s 340,000 organized workers really went to the polls.

All 44 addenda were accepted, except for one that added 174 people from Florida. The Teamsters say that the national, or “master,” deal will go into effect after the addition is renegotiated and ratified. Each regional extra is made just for members of the Teamsters in that part of the country.

Details of the New UPS-Teamsters Contract Agreement

UPS and the Teamsters came to a tentative agreement on a five-year deal on July 25. It says that both full-time and part-time workers will get a $2.75 per hour raise in the first year, with smaller raises in years two through four and another bump, but not as big as in year five.

The deal was then accepted by all 162 Teamsters chapters, which represent UPS workers.

After pay and perks, senior full-time drivers will make about $170,000 a year at the end of the contract term. Over the course of the deal, both full-time and part-time workers’ hourly pay will go up by $7.50. New part-time workers will start at $21 per hour and work their way up to $23 per hour. Part-time workers who are already working will get a raise right away to at least $21 per hour. With this deal in place, the top and junior drivers will no longer be paid at different rates. The Teamsters have been upset for a long time about the difference in pay between new drivers and more experienced ones.

Additional Benefits and Changes in the New UPS-Teamsters Contract Agreement

With this deal, more than 7,500 part-time Teamsters jobs will become full-time jobs. Also, it says that 22,500 open jobs have to be filled. It won’t be done anymore to make drivers work more on their days off.

UPS will put air conditioning in the cabs of all new package cars, larger delivery vehicles, and sprinter vans starting on January 1. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., all UPS Teamsters will now get the day off.

The five-year deal is worth $30 billion, according to the Teamsters.

In return, UPS won’t have to renew the deal to start service on Sundays. With this deal, UPS will be able to use more technology, which will help them make more. UPS made a short comment about how the approval vote went.

Teamsters Union President Comments on New UPS Contract Agreement

Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien stated that this contract will enhance the lives of hundreds of thousands of workers. The Teamsters have successfully established a new standard and elevated the level of pay, benefits, and working conditions within the package delivery industry. The provided template outlines the nationwide standards for worker payment and protection, emphasizing the need for nonunion companies like Amazon to take note.

Even though drivers don’t work for Amazon but for delivery service companies, the Teamsters have made it clear that they want to organize warehouse workers and drivers for Inc. O’Brien used the benefits he got from the UPS deal to get Amazon workers to join the union.

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