Online Transport Inc. Acquires Texas Trucking Company Borderlands

Online Transport Inc. Acquires Texas Trucking Company Borderlands

Online Transport Inc. located in El Paso, Texas, acquired the Mustang Express fleet and crew, adding more than 550 power units and 600 employees.

Mustang Express has two drivers in the tractor cab at all times to convey freight across the nation.

Online Transport stated on LinkedIn that Mustang Express has a fleet of 65 drivers who mainly work on the El Paso to Midwest route. Our footprint in El Paso will be immediately doubled due to this strategic acquisition.

No one knew how much the deal would cost.

El Paso Businesses Seek New Solutions to Border Delays

In 2001, Rick and Laura Hernandez started a business called Mustang Express. The company says that it ships things like car parts, hospital supplies, raw materials, and more. The carrier works with companies that make cars, medical supplies, paper goods, and electrical gadgets.

About half an hour from the Bridge of the Americas crossing is where Mustang Express stops. 

Online Transport, which started in 2000 and is based in Greenfield, Indiana, is there. The company has a network of 10 sites across the country, from which it offers trading, storage delivery, and over-the-road shipping services (including bulk liquid, flatbed, chilled, and dry van). 

SONAR data shows that exports leaving El Paso were about 3.7% lower last Friday than they were the week before. The number of people leaving El Paso has dropped by 36% each year.

In the past few months, companies in the El Paso area have had trouble with delays at the U.S.-Mexico border. This has happened for many reasons, including technology problems on both sides and people stopping traffic at the border. 

Final Wording

Good news for people in the logistics field! With the purchase of Texas-based trucking company Mustang Express, Online Transport Inc. will have twice as many trucks in El Paso, which is a big cross-border trade hub. The Mustang Express team is made up of more than 65 truck drivers. The foreign hauling and trade industries will gain a lot from this deal. They run an over-the-road freight business that works with a wide range of industries. Online Transport is a full-service truckload carrier with more than 550 power units and 600 people on staff. As a result of the merger, each business will be able to focus on what it does best and reach a bigger audience.

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