Averitt and Old Dominion Top LTL Carrier Rankings

Averitt and Old Dominion Top LTL Carrier Rankings

Averitt Express and Old Dominion Freight Line took top honors in Mastio & Co.’s 2023 survey of less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers in the United States. The annual report provides unique insights into LTL performance and shipper preferences.

Overall Winner

Averitt, focused primarily on the Southeastern US, was voted the No. 1 overall LTL carrier. The company took the top spot through strong regional service, outperforming larger national carriers.

National Carrier Rankings

Old Dominion was named the No. 1 national carrier for the 14th straight year. The company excelled in metrics like on-time pickup and delivery, transit times, and billing accuracy.

Other top national carriers include Estes at No. 2, Saia at No. 3, XPO at No. 4, and ArcBest at No. 5. Saia showed the biggest jump, improving one spot from last year.

Daylight Transport, Peninsula, and Southeastern Freight Lines rounded out the overall top five behind Averitt and Old Dominion. Clearly Averitt and Old Dominion have separated themselves from their competitors.

Survey Methodology

Research firm Mastio conducted 1,635 interviews with key decision makers at major shippers across the US. Carriers were rated on service quality, pricing, and technology factors that provide the best overall value.

Of 163 carriers, only 22 had enough responses to be ranked. This highlights how dominant the top carriers have become.


Deutsche Bank analyst Amit Mehrotra noted that the survey results imply Saia could raise rates based on its service levels. The data shows room for higher prices to properly match perceived value. Mehrotra sees pricing vulnerability for FedEx Freight and ArcBest currently.

In summary, Averitt and Old Dominion have earned their status as top LTL choices through consistent quality service. Shippers can confidently rely on the two leaders in the evolving LTL landscape.

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