How To Find A Shipper For Load?

How To Find A Shipper For Load?

How freight brokers, agents, and marketers can increase shipper for load and promote their businesses. Freight brokers need reliable carriers and a contact list. The list by Lading Cargo will help you cover cargo effectively and efficiently. Freight brokers need to invest time. The shipment lifecycle needs investing effort. It also needs to locate new shippers and use a variety of strategies. Knowing the products’ production, provenance, and shipping preservation procedures can assist you choose.

Increase Sales and Locate Previous Shippers

An orphan account is a former customer. They abruptly quit doing business with the company. Companies should contact these previous consumers. They should do this after a few months. The goal is to increase sales. 

  • Freight brokers locate shippers. 
  • They investigate commonplace goods. 
  • They learn about production and delivery processes. 

Keep an eye out. Look for nearby factories and storage facilities.

  1. Make a list of organizations. 
  2. Investigate their supply chains. 
  3. Investigate their logistics departments. 
  4. Learn about their freight shipping needs. 

Finally, convince the client to admit flaws. Offer services to fill voids and improve the shipping process.

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Beat the Competition and Gain Expertise in Capacity/Commodity

Tools like MorningStar Financial make it easy for freight shippers to research any publicly listed firm. They need to combine their resources and go for the “biggest fish” for increased Lading Logistics, so they can make the most money. Get to know the other truckload freight shippers in the area before making cold calls to prospective shippers. Explain how the shipper benefits from your knowledge and experience. Say why your brokerage is the best option for handling freight logistics. Mastering one commodity or route can make you stand out and charge higher prices.

Studying Your Purchase History and Former Customers

Freight brokers can conduct a purchasing survey to learn about product flow. Items are made to order and sent to the consumer. Previous transactions can be seen in online banking history.

Think outside the box to locate shippers. Logistics can ask their shipper for load for referrals and more:

  • Research for shippers’ from other locations. 
  • Checking if transport zones align with their lanes. 
  • Reach out to their contact for other needs.

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Satellite View of Company Buildings

Most companies use Google Maps to check if a facility has ports for shipping and receiving. Doing so may help them learn more about the business and its shipping practices. The traditional door-to-door B2B sales method is vital because customers react better to a physical presence. Be prepared to hear “yes” or “no” when you visit a company unexpectedly. Following standard sales procedures can help close more deals after scheduling a meeting.

They may agree to work with you on the first visit. Come prepared with a client package. Leave contact details after the first meeting. 

Always Ask for Referrals

Word-of-mouth promotion is important for freight shipping to gain clients. Shipper load brokerage is like customer rewards for serving others selflessly. Creating and marketing a referral program takes time and energy. Once it’s up and running, you only need to welcome new customers. Encourage customers to network. Offer discounts or incentives via referral schemes. The value of a new client outweighs the expense of any promotion. Contact your current clients and ask if they know any shippers in need of freight brokers. A reference from a delighted client can transform your chilly call into a warm one.

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Networking with Shippers or Using a Dispatch Service

You can find truckload freight by networking with shippers or using a dispatch service from the shipper for load. Directly dealing with a shipper requires phone and email communication and knowledge of the country’s freight routes. Research online to find a shipper load broker, preferably organized by the type of freight being sent. The freight broker contacts the supplier and tries to reach them.


Direct mail is the best approach to contact potential consumers. Lading Logistics is a popular online freight broker software in the US. It was designed for small and medium-sized shipper for load offices. Develop trustworthy connections with your clientele and earn their trust to thrive as a freight broker. You need to use load boards. Truckloads is one of them. It has a database of more than 100,000 certified carriers. Keep using the carrier to maintain a positive working relationship. If you need financial assistance, check out our freight broker factoring advice.


What is the role of a freight broker in finding a shipper for load?

A freight broker mediates between shippers and transport companies. The broker acts as a liaison between the shipper and the carrier. They don’t handle the freight. Their responsibility is to ensure a smooth handoff between carriers and shippers and timely delivery of goods.

How can a truckload freight broker help in finding a suitable shipper for a load?

Freight brokers often use truck-freight load boards to find available carriers. You may utilize these discussion groups to get the word out about your load to several freight firms, all of which will be able to get in contact with you directly.

What are the key factors to consider when looking for freight shippers for container shipments?

Considerations for selecting a freight forwarder for container shipments are important:

  • Origin and destination ports served
  • Equipment availability and adequacy
  • Cargo type and sensitivity
  • Freight methods and transportation services provided
  • Container size and vessel type

How can Lading Logistics assist in finding the right shipper for a load?

As a freight broker, Lading Logistics can help you connect with reliable carriers that can safely carry your goods.

What are some effective strategies for a shipper load to find the right freight shippers for their needs?

Shipper loads can locate ideal freight carriers by researching target ports and specialty markets, analyzing purchase records, forming business contacts, and prioritizing considerations like cost, quality, and time.