Expectations Rise as XPO's Jacobs Reveals Exciting Next Venture

Expectations Rise as XPO’s Jacobs Reveals Exciting Next Venture

As Brad Jacobs walked up to the stage at the Greenwich Economic Forum on Tuesday, everyone’s main question was, “What is Jacobs going to do next?”

This is the next big task for the company’s founder, who is the executive chairman of XPO Inc. (NYSE: XPO) and the non-executive chairman of its two recent spinoffs, logistics management business GXO and 3PL RXO.

Jacobs Private Equity was the company that made the first investment in XPO. Brooke Masters, who works for the Financial Times, gave him some hints about the next business he might start, but he wasn’t interested in taking the bait.

Jacobs later told a Freight news reporting site that he still didn’t know where to put his money.

Brad Jacobs on His Investment Philosophy and Future Business Ventures

Jacobs has started seven companies, five of which are worth more than a billion dollars. During his talk at the conference, he shared some of his investment and business ideas with a powerful crowd full of money managers. But it was hard to tell what would happen with Jacobs Private Equity from what he said alone.

But it won’t be a tech company.

Jacobs stated that it would not be a tech company due to their lack of understanding of tech valuations. It is not something I am interested in. I am looking at multiples or cash flows. Jacobs stated that he does not consider multiples of revenues associated with “future bets.”

Jacobs stated that they do not enjoy engaging in activities with a wide range of potential outcomes. I seek out things that I completely comprehend. The user states that ultimately, it involves researching the cash flow an investment will generate and the cash invested in the business currently.

Technology as a Competitive Advantage in Jacobs’s Future Ventures

This doesn’t mean that technology won’t play a big part in Jacobs’s next project; it just means that it won’t be a technology-only project.

Jacobs said in his past ventures that he would advise investors not to inquire about earnings for two years. The user stated that they have a plan to invest heavily in technology and build a substantial infrastructure. This is to ensure that they can handle future acquisitions and generate significant revenue without encountering any major issues. Having a backbone and a nervous system that can integrate and optimize quickly without bugs gives me a significant competitive advantage.

An example that he used was 3PL RXO. Jacobs stated that no electronic processes were implemented when it was launched as the truck brokerage arm of XPO. He said that the figure at RXO is now 96%.

Jacobs’s Perspective on Going Public and the Role of Public Markets in Business

Jacobs’ next big move will likely be publicly traded. Jacobs stated that they enjoy the pressure of public markets. All this free advice is received from your critics. Throughout the day, individuals continuously hurl stones at you while expressing their belief in your lack of intelligence, pointing out your errors, and highlighting the mistakes you are making. Jacobs stated that he listens to all the cacophony, even though it might not be pleasant. The user states that they are not required to pay tens of millions of dollars to management consultants.

Jacobs’s Approach to Public Markets, Hiring, and Compensation in His Future Ventures

Jacobs has said that, from a financial point of view, going public is better because it costs less and there is more money available. He also added that accessing capital and deploying it on creative terms is one of the main ways to create alpha. The public market has the cheapest cost of capital, so I will be in the public market.

Jacobs said, in the only easy aspect of his speech, that he plans to enter the public financial markets “sooner than you think.”

When asked about hiring, he laughed, “We’re hiring!” but then said it again outside the main speaking area to show that he wasn’t kidding. People talked about what he thought about how much leaders should be paid.

Jacobs stated that it is advisable to always overpay. Finding extraordinary talent, the talent that is off the charts, and paying them generously is highly recommended.

Jacobs’s Philosophy on Employee Compensation and Acquisition Strategy

He said that more than a thousand people at his companies had become millionaires because of payouts tied at least in part to the success of companies like XPO. He said, “People have made tens of millions, and there is one person who made over $100 million.”

According to Jacobs, the reason for that occurrence is because their compensation was linked to the results of key performance indicators and they exceeded expectations, thus deserving the money. The statement suggests that the sharing of wealth should be distributed among a significant number of individuals.

When asked about the companies he wants to buy, Jacobs said that XPO’s management had thought about more than 2,000 possible purchases. “We bought 18,” he told her. Because of this, we are so picky.

Jacobs’s Acquisition Strategy: Strategic Rationale, Technology, and Pricing Considerations

Jacobs mentioned that one of the considerations included in his acquisition strategy is whether there is a compelling strategic rationale for it. There may be something that brings to the table what we don’t have. Does it have some fantastic synergy to it?

Jacobs stated that he will consider the presence of a tech aspect in a potential acquisition, noting that their technology is typically superior to that of other companies.

The question that needs to be answered is whether the price works, considering the personnel at the subject of the potential acquisition. Jacobs made a statement. Forgetting the price is not forgotten by your balance sheet. The price on your balance sheet is remembered indefinitely.

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