Mars and Logistics Leader DHL Partner To Reduce UK’s CO2 Emissions By 7.7%

Mars and Logistics Leader DHL Partner To Reduce UK’s CO2 Emissions By 7.7%

Confectionary bigwig Mars and logistics leader DHL have joined hands. Their purpose is to open a new logistics center leveraging the potential of cutting-edge technology dedicated to reducing UK CO2 emissions by 7.7% at least.

Mars UK trucks usually drive up to 1 million Kilometres per year. The company has now decided to reduce this figure significantly. This means that Mars is making efforts to be more sustainable. It also indicates less pollution.

Consumers can still enjoy their favorite products that they love. The company has invested £350 million to build a new warehouse in London Thames Gateway. 

These newly built and more efficient warehouses allow Mars to Transport products to help reduce pollution and save fuel. This storage unit alone will Mars and logistics leader DHL reduce logistics carbon footprint by 7.7% in the United Kingdom. 

Some Specifications Of This Storage Facility:

The list of its specifications includes but is not limited to the following only: 

  • It is among the tallest distribution centers in Europe. Its length is up to 42 meters at least. 
  • At least 3,700 solar panels provide 27% of power to the entire site. 
  • BREEAM’s Outstanding rating places it in the league of the top 1% of non-residential buildings in the United Kingdom. 
  • It is a smart building. 
  • It uses automated pallet storage, LED lighting, and rainwater collection. 
  • It also uses retrieval technology.

It reduces energy consumption using high-frequency charging. 

Logistics Leader DHL and Mars Consider Partnership Vital 

Both brands consider this partnership and move to achieve sustainability goals. Mars UK’s new storage units are efficient enough to save a million road miles every year. 

It is like removing almost 100,000 cars from the road. The company also ships palettes. If stacked on top of each other, the height of these palettes is equal to the height of Mount Everest every two days. In other words, the company is transporting a lot of products to reduce the number of trucks on the road. 

“Today is a major milestone for Mars UK’s logistics operations and a meaningful step in our sustainability journey. Over the past few years, our partnership with DHL has seen the completion of two pioneering facilities. Not only does this future proof our distribution practices, but it also puts into action Mars’s aim to create a world-class logistics operation that is sustainable, smart, and agile, said Adam Grant, General Manager, Mars Wrigley UK – Mars.

Saul Resnick, CEO, of DHL Supply Chain UK&I stressed the value of working with partners that have sustainability targets similar to the sustainability targets of Mars and Logistics Leader DHL for the best possible results.

“This partnership does exactly that – it represents a great example for others of how businesses can work together to reduce carbon footprint and create a more sustainable future,” he said.

Logistics leader DHL has invested heavily in several sustainability initiatives. The list includes but is not limited to electric aircraft, sustainable aviation fuel, and green marine fuel only. Their initiatives cover land, sea, and air. 

It will be very interesting to see the output of this partnership from the environmental health perspective. What is more important will be the impact of it on both companies’ business. 

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