AIT Launches New Expedited Middle-Mile Logistics Service

AIT Launches New Expedited Middle-Mile Logistics Service

Illinois-based AIT Worldwide Logistics announced the launch of its new expedited middle-mile transportation service on Tuesday, November 15th. The service aims to provide faster delivery options for shippers moving goods between major hubs in the United States.

160 Lanes and 5 Hubs Support Coast-to-Coast Deliveries

AIT’s middle-mile network operates on over 160 shipping lanes connecting key logistics hubs in cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, and Los Angeles. The company currently utilizes 5 regional hubs to facilitate consolidated pickups and transfers between trucks. This hub-and-spoke model allows for expedited door-to-door deliveries across the country.

Tailored for Importers and Large Enterprises

According to AIT, the new middle-mile service is designed to benefit importers and large companies shipping full truckloads domestically. It provides an alternative to standard less-than-truckload shipping that is often slower. The service handles first- and last-mile pickup and delivery through local cartage partners. This makes it well-suited to moving imported goods or full truckloads rapidly between distribution centers.

How AIT’s Expedited Shipping Works

For example, a shipment cleared through customs in Los Angeles could be quickly transported to AIT’s West Coast hub. It would then enter AIT’s middle-mile network and be routed to their Chicago hub, avoiding multiple stops or reloading. From Chicago, it can reach its final destination in Minneapolis via one of AIT’s regular truck routes. This optimized routing avoids the delays of standard LTL shipping.

New Competition for Forward Air

AIT joins Forward Air as a major player in providing expedited line-haul transportation between hubs. Forward Air dominates domestic middle-mile shipping in the U.S. but AIT’s new service poses fresh competition. AIT wanted to launch ahead of other similar offerings expected from competitors in 2024.

Timing of the New Service Launch

AIT strategically launched the service before the peak holiday shipping season and the expected expansion of competing services next year. Rolling it out now allows them to gain shippers and refine operations prior to 2024. The middle-ground positioning between standard LTL and full truckload services stands as a timely offering for shippers seeking lower transit times.

Key Takeaways

In summary, AIT’s new middle-mile shipping service uses an efficient hub model to provide faster transit times between major logistics centers. It offers importers and other large shippers an expedited alternative to LTL without the need for full truckloads. The launch poses new competition for current middle-mile leader Forward Air.

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