The Key to Weathering Freight Cycles, says Repowr CPO

Trailer Sharing: The Key to Weathering Freight Cycles, says Repowr CPO

Leveraging Trailer Access for Contract Freight

A.J. Cheek, Chief Product Officer at Repowr, believes that trailer sharing can provide brokers with a competitive edge, especially during challenging market conditions. According to Cheek, access to trailers allows brokers to tap into more contract freight, reducing their dependence on the volatile spot market.

“Having access to trailers can enable brokers to secure more contract freight, which provides a buffer against market fluctuations,” Cheek explained. “By diversifying their freight sources, brokers can maintain stability and avoid being overly reliant on spot market volatility.”

Resilience Through Downcycling

Despite the recent freight downturn, Repowr has managed to sustain growth and withstand the cyclical nature of the industry. While average order values have declined due to lower trailer prices, the company’s overall growth trajectory has remained positive.

“We’ve been able to navigate the downcycle successfully,” Cheek said. “Although our average order value has decreased with trailer prices, our growth has been consistent throughout this challenging period.”

Optimism for an Upswing

Looking ahead, Cheek expressed optimism about Repowr’s position to capitalize on an improving market. He acknowledged that emerging from a downturn presents its own set of challenges, but emphasized the value of trailer sharing in helping brokers weather such transitions.

“Positive times are on the horizon, but the recovery phase will still be demanding,” Cheek cautioned. “Trailer sharing solutions like Repowr can aid brokers in overcoming these obstacles by providing access to the assets they need to secure more contract freight.”

With trailer sharing as a strategic tool, Repowr aims to empower brokers to reimagine their asset management approach, enabling them to thrive in the ever-changing freight landscape.

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