Nonprofit Group Dispatches Critical Supplies Ahead of Hurricane Idalia

Nonprofit Group Dispatches Critical Supplies Ahead of Hurricane Idalia

A non-profit group called Convoy of Hope had several tractor-trailers full of important emergency aid supplies. On Tuesday, as Hurricane Idalia got closer to the Florida Gulf Coast, they left for holding areas.

Ethan Forhetz, the national spokesperson for the Springfield, Missouri-based faith-based organization Convoy of Hope, said Tuesday that his team planned to spend the night near Birmingham, Alabama to figure out where their services would be most needed in the next few days based on where the hurricane was expected to go. 

The National Hurricane Center has issued an advisory stating that there are expected to be life-threatening storm surge and hurricane conditions along portions of the Gulf Coast of Florida tonight and Wednesday. 

Convoy of Hope’s Efforts to Provide Aid Ahead of Hurricane Idalia

Forhetz stated to a logistics news site that the current situation is fluid, and their team is actively communicating with contacts in Florida to determine the precise locations they need to go to. 

He said that another group of trucks bringing aid goods will leave Springfield on Wednesday morning.

According to Forhetz, there are several truck drivers in the convoy who volunteer and respond to major disasters.

He said that we have some incredible drivers who are ready to get behind the wheel and go when we call them.

Forhetz says that Convoy of Hope truckers brought more than just water, food, and basic goods. They also brought trucks with showers and bathrooms.

He said that they are also bringing totes for people who need containers for their belongings and tarps to help if their roofs are damaged. 

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