Natural Gas Engines Poised for Growth Spurt

Natural Gas Engines Poised for Growth Spurt

Cummins’ new 15-liter natural gas engine could spark a revolution in the trucking industry. The engine maker predicts sales of natural gas powertrains could triple as the larger engine makes them viable for more applications.

Powerful Enough for the Long Haul

Cummins’ new heavy-duty X15N natural gas engine packs 400-500 horsepower and 1,450-1,850 pound-feet of torque. That’s on par with smaller diesel engines, overcoming complaints about insufficient power. Drivers say it performs like a dream. Now natural gas can compete in long-haul trucking.

More OEMs Jump on Board

Peterbilt, Kenworth and Freightliner plan to offer the X15N. Having major OEMs embrace natural gas shows its potential to go mainstream. From a niche player stuck at 2% market share, natural gas could scale to 6-10% in coming years according to Cummins.

Filling Up the Fuel Tanks

Along with the new engine, Cummins produces natural gas fuel tanks and filling systems. Integrated powertrain solutions will help spur adoption. Renewable natural gas from waste streams can also make these engines carbon neutral.

Transition Towards Zero Emissions

Natural gas isn’t the final solution. But it offers a lower-carbon bridge as the industry moves towards zero-emission trucks. Customers want options like natural gas in addition to diesel, battery-electric, and hydrogen fuel cell trucks over the next couple of decades.

The Future is Multi-Fuel

One size won’t fit all in future trucking powertrains. Customers will choose what works best for their needs, from diesel to natural gas to electricity. Cummins aims for zero emissions across its engines by 2050. But getting there will take a mix of technologies, with natural gas poised for significant growth thanks to the new X15N.

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