Flock Freight's Shared Truckload Model Sees Strong Growth as Shippers Seek Efficiency

Flock Freight’s Shared Truckload Model Sees Strong Growth as Shippers Seek Efficiency

Flock Freight Soars Through 2023 Headwinds as Leaders Eye Clear Skies Ahead

Despite challenges in 2023’s soft freight market, logistics startup Flock Freight has continued improving its tech and expanding partnerships. Company leaders are optimistic about future growth as shippers embrace shared truckloads.

Trimming Down to Navigate Market Turbulence

While making tough staffing cuts to meet shifting demands, Flock Freight has stayed focused on advancing its differentiated freight pooling model. “We’re not immune to market forces, but we offer a unique platform,” said COO Chris Pickett. Educating customers about the benefits of shared truckloads remains an ongoing priority.

Doubling Down on Tech Innovations

During market turbulence, Flock Freight zeroed in on improving its proprietary AI-driven technology. The results: pooling rates boosted 33% as algorithms got better at matching and consolidating loads. New integrations with TMS platforms like E2open will expand the company’s pool of shipments.

Building Frictionless Transactions

Pickett aims to refine Flock Freight’s digital tools to make it easier for both carriers and shippers to use the shared truckload platform. “We want to offer attractive loads and new options, so more value for carriers and lower costs for shippers,” he said. The company’s sophisticated pricing algorithms help optimize rates based on available freight density.

Riding the Sustainability Wave

Flock Freight’s green mission to reduce trucking miles and emissions is resonating more than ever. “We’ve had more discussions with chief sustainability officers over the past year,” said CFO Pat Dillon. This will likely be an ongoing advantage.

Confidence in the Clear Skies Ahead

After proving its mettle through market volatility, Flock Freight is poised for growth as shippers rapidly adopt shared truckloads. Its maturing technology and expanding partnerships paint a bright future. “The mission now is zero-friction transactions for all,” Pickett said.

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