Uber Freight Accelerates Growth with Industry Powerhouses

Uber Freight Accelerates Growth with Industry Powerhouses

Seasoned Executives Join the Disruptor’s Ranks

Uber Freight, the logistics maverick, is doubling down on its mission to revolutionize the industry. The company has tapped into a wealth of expertise by onboarding two prominent executives to spearhead its commercial and final-mile operations.

Dan Annunziata: Steering Commercial Excellence

With a storied 15-year tenure at legacy brokerage behemoth C.H. Robinson, Dan Annunziata is poised to take the helm of Uber Freight’s commercial organization. His extensive sales experience, culminating in his recent role as Vice President of the North American Surface Transportation division, positions him as a formidable force in driving growth.

Annunziata’s roots in the logistics world run deep, with a family legacy spanning generations. “I have an opportunity to leave a mark on this space as well,” he affirms, brimming with enthusiasm. “I like being on the front lines of innovation and being considered a disrupter.”

Hany Elkordy: Mastering the Final-Mile Frontier

Joining Annunziata is Hany Elkordy, a seasoned expert in final-mile and parcel logistics. His appointment as Head of Logistics and Last Mile Solutions promises to elevate Uber Freight’s capabilities in this crucial segment.

Elkordy’s impressive track record includes pivotal roles at industry giants like Amazon, where he spearheaded last-mile initiatives for three years. His contributions extended to Walmart’s eCommerce segment and Chewy, where he served as Vice President of Logistics, shaping the delivery landscape.

Unlocking End-to-End Opportunities

Elkordy sees Uber Freight as a unique player in the market, positioned to unlock end-to-end opportunities for shippers. “Uber Freight is in a unique position. They built out this middle-mile network over the past few years, and now they have this great coverage map. Yet, it doesn’t go the whole distance,” he explains.

With Uber Freight’s extensive network and Elkordy’s expertise, the company aims to stitch together a seamless final-mile experience, allowing shippers to leverage the same Uber Freight experience across all modes.

Meeting Shipper Demands for Innovation

Annunziata recognizes the growing demand from shippers for innovative partners to navigate the technological-logistics transition. Joining Uber Freight presents an opportunity to fulfill this demand by providing shippers with a long-term partner who approaches the industry through a technological lens.

“These shippers probably have five years’ worth of work in front of them to fortify, make visible and digitize their supply chains,” he notes. “I think about that opportunity that is in front of us and help shippers answer the question: Who do I align with in the future knowing that supply chain is a critical component of our company’s business?”

Expanding Horizons

Uber Freight’s growth ambitions extend beyond the commercial and final-mile realms. The company has also welcomed D’Andrae Larry as Head of Intermodal, a former executive at Norfolk Southern Corp., Alec Getschow as Vice President of Mid-Market Sales, and Brooks McMahon as Vice President of Emerging Products and Business Development, a former Convoy executive.

With this influx of industry powerhouses, Uber Freight is poised to disrupt the logistics landscape further, offering shippers innovative solutions and leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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