Pennsylvania Governor Announces I-95 to Reopen in 2 Weeks

Pennsylvania Governor Announces I-95 to Reopen in 2 Weeks

The governor of Pennsylvania announced that Interstate 95 in northeast Philadelphia will reopen in two weeks. This is good news for the trucking business.

The highway collapsed last Sunday. It was due to a fiery collision of a tanker truck underneath it. The reopening would be one day less than three weeks from the declaration made on Saturday. Fire and explosion occurred in the Tacony neighborhood.

Some wondered if Pennsylvania could rebuild the bridge faster than Georgia did after a fire destroyed an overpass there in 2017. Repairs in Philadelphia may take months, causing significant disruption to commercial and other traffic. Axios reported pessimism that the performance in Georgia could be exceeded. 

Governor Shapiro announces I-95 reopening in two weeks

Shapiro’s statement was surprising. He stated on Saturday at a briefing with President Joe Biden at Philadelphia’s main airport that he can confidently say that I-95 will be reopened within the next two weeks, according to a prepared statement released by his office. The traffic will be moving again due to the exceptional efforts of those present and the skilled union trade workers. Shapiro’s office sent a statement on the restoration’s progress.

Shapiro said it took four days to demolish the bridge and roads. The statement said that it was ahead of schedule and beating some experts’ prediction of more than a week.

Construction of I-95 resumes with foamed glass aggregate fill

The base in the roadway was laid down with a foamed glass aggregate fill on Thursday, following the completion of the demolition. The statement reported that on the same day, truckloads of foamed glass aggregate fill were escorted by the Pennsylvania State Police from Aero Aggregates in Delaware County up I-95 to the construction site to ensure their prompt arrival. The foamed glass aggregate is being poured into the gap in the roadway by members of the Philadelphia Building Trades who are working for Buckley & Company, a Philadelphia-based contractor. They are building it up to the surface level of I-95.

Work will continue 24/7, even during the holiday weekend.

Final Wording

Governor Josh Shapiro says that Northeast Philadelphia’s section of Interstate 95 will reopen in two weeks. Travel times and costs would decrease, benefiting the trucking sector. Looking for reliable logistics services? Lading Logistics’ team of experts can help you transport your goods safely and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more.