Mexican Market Attracts US Logistics Firms

Mexican Market Attracts US Logistics Firms

Several US-based logistics companies are setting their sights south of the border, investing in facilities and workforces to take advantage of Mexico’s strategic location, trade ties, and skilled labor pool.

Lean Staffing Solutions Facilitate Cross-Border Operations

Florida-based Lean Solutions Group has rapidly grown to a 10,000+ employee workforce over the past decade. Founded in 2012 as a business process outsourcing provider, the company now runs 8 offices across North and Latin America, including a new location in Mexico City.

“We have worked to diversify our locations to better serve our clients, and Mexico is a great extension of those efforts,” said Lean CEO Robert Cadena. “In Mexico, we can find a large, skilled and highly educated workforce that excels in a variety of industries.”

Lean aims to meet the soaring demand for seamless cross-border logistics services. The company offers integrated solutions like carrier sales, distribution, and end-to-end shipment orchestration under one roof. Their ability to handle first-mile pickup, border crossing, and final delivery in a single transaction has attracted major shippers.

The company currently serves transportation leaders like Riverstone Logistics and PGT Trucking. But Lean has also expanded into supporting sectors like manufacturing, health care, hospitality, and SaaS.

“By the last quarter of 2022 and through 2023, the demand for Mexico operations increased considerably,” said Lean VP Daniel Agamez. He cites a rise in overall cross-border activity as more logistics managers realize the benefits of nearshoring distribution workflows.

China Tiremaker Building First North American Plant, Drawing on Workforce and Market Access

China’s Sailun Tire has broken ground on its first North American tire manufacturing facility located in Guanajuato, Mexico. The $240 million production plant expected to open in late 2024 will contribute over 6 million tires per year to meet growing continental demand.

“This expansion will not only allow us to meet the increasing demand for our products but also enable us to design, test and now build specialized products for North America, in North America,” said Sailun President Peter Koszo in a statement.

The Chinese company was enticed by Guanajuato’s skilled labor pool and proximity, which facilitates distribution across North America. The strategic location also promises to lower supply chain costs through localization.

Sailun Tire currently runs two factories in China and another plant in Vietnam. The new facility will be their first full-fledged production operation in the Americas, adding to existing sales and logistics footholds serving customers across the US and Canada.

Major 1 Million Sq Ft Industrial Development Breaks Ground in Texas Border Region

Hunt Companies and Panattoni Development, two major industrial real estate players, have started building out a nearly 1 million square foot logistics park in El Paso, Texas. The site offers prime access to cross-border intermodal shipping routes through the region.

Phase 1 of Project Grande includes two facilities spanning over 900,000 square feet. The buildings were already over 50% leased before construction began, signalling high tenant demand.

The park will feature ample 36-40 foot clearance heights for trucks shipping goods to/from Mexico. The loading configuration was designed as flexible, rear-load and cross-dock ready. Phase 1 delivery is slated for late 2024.

Upon final completion, the project will provide 1.8 million total square footage of Class A warehouse and distribution space minutes from the Santa Teresa border crossing. Facilities like these cater to manufacturers, retailers, and logistics providers situating storage and transfer hubs proximal to international trade corridors.

By leveraging their expertise and resources, Lading Logistics aims to provide efficient and reliable international shipping and logistics solutions for their clients.