EPA's Electric Truck Proposal Faces Political Scrutiny

EPA’s Electric Truck Proposal Faces Political Scrutiny

EPA’s Electric Truck Proposal Faces Political Scrutiny

Biden’s Phase 3 truck rule goals may be hard to achieve due to political and economic realities.

The EPA is implementing new rules for the trucking industry. The rules are based on California’s ACT rule. The costs for truck manufacturers and customers vary.

The EPA is proposing stricter carbon dioxide limits for 2027 vehicles than those currently in effect under Phase 2. It proposes a second set of CO2 regulations. The regulations would start in 2028 and become less strict until 2032.

EVs or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are the only options for zero-emission trucks by 2045.

Graph: freight waves research
Sources: EPA Proposed Rules ( https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2023-04-27/pdf/2023-07955.pdf )

Trucking companies and drivers opposed the rule issued on April 27.

Challenges Facing the Adoption of Electric Trucks

The price is too high. Diesel trucks cost around $150,000, while electric vehicles can cost over $400,000.

Charging times are long. This eats into federal hours of service rules. Early adopters can transport limited freight due to the heavy weight of the batteries and adherence to state and federal regulations.

As Laurence Cox, vice president of sustainability for Aliquippa, Pennsylvania-based PGT Trucking, told a Logistics News, ‘We operate in a market economy, so if we were to buy 200 new electric trucks it would not only cost us a lot of money, chances are we also would not be able to pass that on to our customers because most of the industry is still running older equipment.’

Barriers to the Adoption of Electric Trucks

Finally, the cost, charging periods, and weight of the batteries are under political scrutiny for the EPA’s plan for electric trucks. The plan aims to reduce GHG emissions and fight climate change. However, some legislators and transportation firms are skeptical about it. The world’s survival depends on sustainable technology and civilization reform. Electric trucks need investment in alternative energy and sustainable technology to compete with diesel and gas-powered vehicles.

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