$146M Container Terminal Expansion done by Texas Seaport

$146M Container Terminal Expansion done by Texas Seaport

Port Freeport’s Velasco Container Terminal has been expanded. The expansion allows bigger container and tanker boats to dock. The port can now become a regional shipping center. Officials made the announcement. The port is located on the Gulf of Mexico.

Berth 8 was dredged to a depth of 51 feet. It is part of the 1,600 feet of additional berths. This will allow bigger vessels to dock there. A ro-ro cargo platform was built. It is 85 feet long and can accommodate vehicle shipments and breakbulk activities.

Phyllis Saathoff, the executive director and CEO of Port Freeport, announced in a news release that the Velasco Container Terminal expansion project has been completed and the new berth is now ready to receive vessels.

The deepening of the Freeport Harbor Channel and the addition of this berth will enable the port to accommodate larger and deeper-draft vessels, contributing to the growth of commerce for existing and future customers.

Port Freeport is Located 60 miles south of Houston.

Texas seaport completes $146M container terminal expansion

The Velasco terminal extension cost $146 million. It required the demolition of a 100-year-old port. It also required the completion of 700,000 square feet of dredging, according to McCarthy Building Cos.

Port Freeport has installed two new cranes for handling post-Panamax vessels at the Velasco terminal. Post-Panamax gantry cranes have been installed to accommodate bigger container ships using the widened Panama Canal. 

Port Freeport processed 85,630 TEUs in its most recent annual report. The Velasco terminal extension is complete. It can handle up to 2 million TEU Logistics per year.

Expanding Port Freeport to handle bigger ships involves deepening and broadening the Freeport harbor channel.

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corp. was awarded a $157.4 million contract by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Thursday. The contract is for deepening the Freeport canal from 51 feet to 56 feet.

The Freeport channel is 7.5 miles long. It is one of the smallest channels on the Texas Gulf. It provides direct access to the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. This information comes from a press release. The project will begin later this year and finish in 2025.

Lasse Petterson, the president, and CEO of Great Lakes, stated that they are pleased to add the mentioned work to their backlog of capital and maintenance dredging projects. The Army Corps of Engineers has awarded the Freeport project as one of the first capital projects this year. It is vital to continue supporting this project and others like it to improve and make our country’s environment, coastlines, and infrastructure more resilient.

Chemical logistics provider expands Arizona operations

Chemical Strategies Inc. is building a 70,000-square-foot industrial complex in Phoenix.

The company is a chemical distributor. Its headquarters are in Anthem, Arizona. It offers services in supply management, inventory control, and transportation. Its services are for the semiconductor, aerospace, and military sectors.

The Chemical Strategies facility will service the semiconductor sector in Arizona.

Chemical Strategies has 23 staff members. Six of them are truck drivers and seven are power units, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Bollore Logistics opens supply chain facility in Mexico

Bollore Logistics opened an automotive competence center in Mexico City.

Olivier de Clerck, Bollore’s automotive director, stated in a news release that the automotive industry is encountering several challenges that need to be addressed to assist customers in their development strategy, which is now more focused on relocating their production. We aim to industrialize our automotive logistics approach and deliver ever more agile and optimized solutions while pursuing our business development. 

Bollore Logistics has a second automotive competency center in Mexico City. The firm launched operations in Le Mans, France in 2020. The centers manage and monitor freight movements. They also help clients set up multimodal transport solutions.

Bollore Logistics is a logistics company based in France. It has 603 sites in 130 countries and employs 73,000 people. 

Border agents seize $38M worth of meth hidden in kale shipment

Almost 5,788 pounds of methamphetamine was found in a shipment of kale from Mexico by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials in Southern California. 

The crime occurred on May 28 at Otay Mesa port of entry, which is situated south of San Diego. Customs agents found 268 methamphetamine packets hidden in a tractor-trailer. 

The estimated market value of Methamphetamine seized by the authorities is almost $38.1 million.

CBP agents handed over the driver to Homeland Security Investigations.

Final Wording

The Borderlands Texas seaport completed a $146 million container terminal expansion that could help the logistics sector. The report states that the port’s efficiency and capacity will increase due to the development. The port will handle more goods and decrease wait times with the new container yard, gate complex, and rail yard. Lading  Logistics also mentions new employment and economic growth as benefits of the expansion.

A container terminal extension is complete at the Borderlands, Texas seaport. This is good news for the logistics sector. The port’s capacity will increase. Its efficiency will enhance. Both will help local companies and the economy.